The Bonfire.



Light your fire.

The future of the financial eco-system is in our hands. Therefore, PwC and Findec have combined forces and started an accelerator program for young start-ups within Fintech Regtech and Insurtech. The Bonfire. Here you will build the foundation needed for your future growth. Get access to valuable expertise and coaching tailored to your needs. Together we spark more successful stories on the Swedish fintech- scene.



What does a partnership between
PwC and Findec mean?

PwC cares about the Swedish fintech eco-system and it’s development. Therefore PwC has entered into a partnership with Findec. As a Findec partner, PwC will contribute to the community with expertise and experience of how to drive revenue, develop innovative business models and create brands that stand out.

“After a successful first Bonfire, we are looking forward to launch the program with the second cohort! “ - Christian Öberg, FS Leader, PwC Sweden

PwC will support you in your growth

Last year PwC and Findec welcomed the first cohort of the Bonfire accelerator program, which is dedicated for young startups within fintech, regtech and insurtech. This program offers selected startups training days, inspiration, mentorship, advisory and coaching to make sure that they have the tools and knowledge to grow and succeed in the long run.

The program stretches over 4 months but builds relationships to last. As part of the program you will be matched with a mentor, get expert training, tools and access to our global network. PwC will help you address your strategic goals and face your day to day challenges.



What is IBM’s role as the Program Partner?

"We are thrilled to team with Findec and PwC in the Bonfire program, supporting some of the most ambitious young fintechs in Sweden", says Urban Roth, co-founder and head of Startup with IBM Accelerator Sweden.

IBM have been a trusted provider to banking sector since many years and now we're equally proud of also being seen as a trusted startup collaborator.

IBM brings a new and unique opportunity to Bonfire members, IBMs global fintech program and cloud for financial services. A way to make it easier to meet requirements from regulators and banks and grow your sales faster (read more here). Spring of 2020 IBM Sweden launched the startup accelerator, based on startup collaboration experience since 2018. The accelerator is focusing on supporting B2B entrepreneurs in their incubation and/or acceleration path. Read more about Startup with IBM Accelerator Sweden here.


About the program


Training days with PwC, IBM  and other experts to gain knowledge and tools in everything from business models to regulations and branding

A senior advisory board to help you identify your challenges

Inspirational evenings where you get deep dives into specific matters and insights from industry experts

A demo day where you get to present your new and improved pitch




First Cohort

Testimonial from the first Bonfire accelerator program

The bonfire program helped us to take some big leaps forward, as well resolve questions regarding banking processes, knowledge that later gained us the first signed contracts [...] The in depth knowledge we got from our mentors into the banking sector was priceless, touching subjects and processes that aren't common knowledge.

Isak Nyberg, Vice President of Centiglobe

and getting the groups feedback on it was very interesting and also a fun exercise.”

Getting a second and senior view on our value proposition was a very good lesson for us. We specifically remember a workshop in the beginning of the program where the PwC consultants guided us to put down in words the value we are selling. This was something we already had in place for quite a while but rewriting those words and getting the groups feedback on it was very interesting and also a fun exercise.


Peter Hjort, CEO of IDKollen

and getting the groups feedback on it was very interesting and also a fun exercise.”

The network with mentors and companies in the program has opened many doors for us, such as new investors, customers and advisors. The content of the program has been very important, since it has helped us in both strategic direction of the company & helping us to avoid bad decisions.


Martin Einemo, CEO & Co-founder of Insurely


Lotta Rauséus, COO & Co-founder of Insurely

Make sure that you are ready to take the next step in your company's journey. Look up, jump into the helicopter and bring that mindset into the Bonfire sessions. If you are in a phase where everything is about solving daily issues you are probably not ready, OR jump in the helicopter and plan for the scaleup together with other companies ready to grow.

Fredrik Mistander, CEO & Co-founder of Invoier

Podcast with the first Cohort by Fintechpodden

Open the podcast here!


Do you want to join the heat?


Complete the application form below. We will go through applications continuously, matching your business against our criteria and your needs against what we offer. Some guiding criteria for what we are looking for:

  • Be Sweden-based
  • Have a dedicated team of min 2 working full time
  • Be minimum 1 year incorporated
  • Have a validated product, Beta version
  • Have an existing customer base/pipeline
  • Be looking to scale
  • Be at seed level funding
  • Be a Findec member

Applications for the second cohort are now closed!


If you have questions or need additional info, reach out to us at [email protected]