The Bonfire.



Light your fire.
PwC and Findec in an exciting new partnership.

The future of the financial eco-system is in our hands. Therefore, PwC and Findec have combined forces and started an accelerator program for young start-ups within Fintech Regtech and Insurtech. The Bonfire. Here you will build the foundation needed for your future growth. Get access to valuable expertise and coaching tailored to your needs. Together we spark more successful stories on the Swedish fintech- scene.



What does a partnership between
PwC and Findec mean?

PwC cares about the Swedish fintech eco-system and it’s development. Therefore PwC has entered into a partnership with Findec. As a Findec partner, PwC will contribute to the community with expertise and experience of how to drive revenue, develop innovative business models and create brands that stand out.

“We look forward to getting know the Findec members and get the fire started ” - Henrik Olsson, Director at PwC Sweden

PwC will support you in your growth

This fall PwC and Findec open the Bonfire accelerator program. The fire for Fintech, Regtech and Insurtech start-ups to gather around. Here you will get the foundation for your future growth through valuable expertise and coaching tailored to your needs. Together we will make sparks fly on the Swedish fintech scene.

The program stretches over 3 months but builds relationships to last. As part of the program you will be matched with a mentor, get expert trainings, tools and access to our global network. PwC will help you address your strategic goals and face your day to day challenges.


About the program


Training days with PwC and other experts to gain knowledge and tools in everything from business models to regulations and branding

A senior advisory board to help you identify your challenges

Inspirational evenings where you get deep dives into specific matters and insights from industry experts

A demo day where you get to present your new and improved pitch




First Cohort


Meet the 5 companies selected for the first Bonfire accelerator program


With today's insecurities and instability of the global market, a trustworthy solution that removes borders for global trade is necessary. Centiglobe decentralized financial technology outperforms today’s infrastructure by solving the current challenges of cross-border payments and removing the intermediaries. Centiglobe enables fast, transparent, and secure global payments, in real-time.

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ID Kollen’s plug ’n’ play web platform with integration to BankID, enables companies and authorities to verify the consumer directly during a phone call, chat or webform. With this ability, the clients can meet the high demands from the modern consumer on instant customer service, independently of the matter. This will improve customer experience while at the same time getting the comfort of knowing that personal data is not shared with the wrong person (GDPR).

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Insurance is a complex area, and inaccessible, and consumers don't know what insurances they have, what they cover or what they pay. Insurely is closing the gap between today'ss connected consumers and un-digital insurers and making the market more transparent.

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Long payment periods have severe effects on SME’s liquidity, a vital factor for growth. Factoring is an established, high-cost, service converting invoices into cash. Invoier offers first-of-its-kind real time Invoice Spot Market with application of a powerful AI technology for better risk classification predicting the actual payday with high accuracy.

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Precisely’s contract automation platform aligns legal departments with commercial teams by intelligently enabling the commercial side to be more self-serve while still keeping them within legal’s pre-approved guidelines. Human-centric contract creation, streamlined approvals, automated metadata management, digital archiving and smart monitoring of all your contracts - all in one place.

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Do you want to join the heat?


Complete the application form below. We will go through applications continuously, matching your business against our criteria and your needs against what we offer. Some guiding criteria for what we are looking for:

  • Be Sweden-based
  • Have a dedicated team of min 2 working full time
  • Be minimum 1 year incorporated
  • Have a validated product, Beta version
  • Have an existing customer base/pipeline
  • Be looking to scale
  • Be at seed level funding
  • Be a Findec member

Applications for the first cohor now closed!

If you have questions or need additional info, reach out to us at [email protected]